Who runs the Leadership Camp?

 Alex Walworth: Camp Director

Alex MacKenzie Walworth is a television producer, writer and broadcast journalist with over 25 years experience covering Congress, the White House, political campaigns, foreign affairs and economics in Washington, DC.  She has worked at CNN, the PBS News Hour, The Associated Press and The Nightly Business Report.   She has produced original programming for USA Today television and the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

Walworth is a partner at Grace Creek Media in Annapolis, Maryland.  She utilizes her expertise and extensive contacts to provide strategic communications outreach and advice regarding television, social media, print and radio to her clients and production partners.

She studied International Relations at Mount Holyoke College and received a Masters of Science from the Columbia University School of Journalism.

Leanne R Wood

Leanne R Wood is a spirited trailblazer, entrepreneur, author and speaker. She has lived and worked in New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, England, Scotland, Romania and the USA. Her career path has taken her on a fascinating journey working as a Physical Therapist, Aid Worker, VP of Recruitment and Marketing for a Software Engineering Company, Real Estate Broker, Small Business Owner and Startup Entrepreneur. She is the author of The Power of Things Unseen and speaks on motivational topics including Listening to your Inner Voice, Overcoming Fear and Empowering your Life with Gratitude. Her raw honesty, deep passion, humor and heartfelt communication skills inspire all who meet her.

Alyson Rosenberg

Alyson Rosenberg is a Licensed Associate Counselor, with more than 15 years of experience working with adults, children, families, couples and groups.  She is also a licensed NY and NJ school counselor, having worked in the New York City school system upon graduating from her master’s program at Hunter College in 2002.  Alyson facilitated therapy groups through Group WORKS, for more than 8 years, during which time she trained more than 100 guidance counselors in group counseling, her specialty.  Currently, Alyson is therapist at the Massler Center for Psychological Wellness in Livingston, NJ. She treats 30 children, teenagers and adults a week.  Alyson provides a comfortable environment, in which clients can use the therapy experience as a “laboratory” for the outside world. Through a strong client-therapist connection, Alyson helps each of her clients expand their level of self-awareness to make positive changes in their lives and recognize patterns of behavior. Alyson graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida in 1999 with a B.S in Public Relations. She is also a mom to her three awesome kids, Rachel, 11, Zachary, 9 and Ryan 5.

Rainey Temkin: Mindfulness Counselor

Rainey Temkin is a clinical psychologist specializing in community mental health and serious mental illness. Currently she works for the County of Marin in San Rafael, California helping marginalized populations receive mental health services. Her further interests include integrating mindfulness into her clinical work and working to end homelessness and support the housing first model of care. She endorses the mind/body connection in overall health and wellness and works to integrate movement and nutrition in her daily life and the lives of her clients. Prior to her career as a psychologist, Rainey spent over 20 years competing horses and running her own training business working with top athletes in the equestrian sport of Eventing.

Devin MacGoy:  Leadership Counselor

Devin MacGoy attends the School of Foreign Affairs at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.  A native of Sterling, Virginia, he has coordinated and attended numerous leadership camps in the United States and will head the leadership program at TLC.  Devin was chosen by the Center for Social Justice at Georgetown University to receive a grant allowing him to teach at the camp and travel in Eastern Europe. He is considering majoring in comparative economies, examining the emerging economies of Eastern Europe and South America.

T.J. Sears: Sports Counselor

T.J. Sears attends the University of California, Santa Barbara campus.  A native of Palo Alto, California, T.J. loves all sports and has worked as a camp counselor in California for the past two summers.  T.J. is passionate about biology and ultimate frisbee.  He lived in Australia from the ages of 6 to 11, and he loves to travel.  He is planning to major in biology.

Mihai Zoican: Mindfulness Counselor

Mihai Zoican teaches English in Transylvania College, and is involved in developing the international Leader in Me process in, and outside school. He is passionate about leadership and mindfulness, and has successfully implemented such methods and techniques in his professional and private life, thus raising awareness of the benefits of such systems. He loves reading, writing and running, alternating working on his first novel with training for marathons.

Alexandra Oana – Camp Counselor

Alexandra has been a teacher for 8 years and this is her 5th year at Transylvania College. Having worked and experimented with various teaching approaches, she has come to the belief that mindfulness and leadership are key aspects of all educational endeavors which aim to provide children and teenagers with valuable life skills in a number of areas connected to emotional well-being.

Youth Counselors

The Walworth sisters: Grace, Caroline, Victoria

The Walworth sisters are returning to TLC for a second year to serve as Head Youth Counselors. “We had a great time last year, and what we learned about Romania and how other students our age view the world was really valuable. We also had a chance to learn about Eastern European history and what it was like to live under Communism. I don’t think a lot of other American teens get that kind of opportunity,” said Victoria Walworth. When they aren’t doing community service in Romania the Walworth sisters all play field hockey, serve in the Student Government Association and act in school plays at Indian Creek School in Annapolis, Maryland.

Victor Vreme & Teodora Papici

Victor (17) and Teodora (16) have participated in 3 previous editions of the Leadership camp and this year they’ve requested to become Counselor Trainees.  They both consider that the experiences gained in the previous editions have had a great impact on their personalities and positively marked their evolution as teenagers. “I was pleasantly surprised and delighted that someone emphasized the moral values that are so little promoted in Romania” – said Victor. He now wishes to become a bridge between counselors and participants, thus easing the integration process of the newcomers in the camp.